Andrew Beynon

Posted on: February 11th, 2017 by basementsloveus

“Basements Love Us had a team lower our basement floor by 3″. Installed a drainage system in our basement. Rough casted over our basement walls after sealing the walls with plastic sheeting. Removed and rebuilt stairs leading to the first floor from the basement. The job went very well. The basement is roughly 80 years old The team that did this physical work, were all very nice and hard working. Prior to starting the job, Basements Love Us really worked with us on pricing and stood apart from the competition in that regard. Our job was around Christmas and New Years and the team only took limited time off, which we appreciated. Overall they did a solid job fixing the basement. Basements Love Us could improve upon their communication practices after the job begins. The stairs that were removed (by my request) were replaced, and while the new stairs are functional they seem like they could have been planned and executed better. I am happy with the state they left my basement in. They fixed the water issues right before our local horrible winter of 2013-2014. I am confident the water drainage system is secretly working hard and well keeping my basement dry. I would recommend Basements Love Us to neighbors and people looking to be proactive about keeping your basement dry.”