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Local Mold Services

Mold removal in, Cinnaminson, Riverton, Delran, Palmyra, Delanco, Pennsauken, Moorestown, Maple Shade, MerchantvilleAt Basements Love Us we take pride in our local community where our office is located. We love helping our neighboring residents and solving the mold problems in their homes. We are able and happy to offer special discounted pricing to residents in need of mold testing, mold remediation, or mold removal in the local towns near our Palmyra, NJ office.

It’s really simple, it will cost us less to get to your location and work on your home, so we are able to transfer those same savings to you for you mold issues that you are having in your home. 

Mold problems are very serious, and if not treated quickly, they will continue to spread through your home and cause even more damages that would also become more costly. Knowing this, we understand the importance of getting to your home quickly to address your dangerous mold issues. 


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The local New Jersey towns that we are able to offer special pricing are: 

– Cinnaminson
– Riverton
– Delran
– Palmyra
– Delanco
– Pennsauken
– Moorestown
– Maple Shade
– Merchantville

* If you are a resident of any of these local towns and are experiencing dangerous mold problems, we have you covered with affordable discounted mold testing, mold remediation, and mold removal. 


Affordable Mold Testing & Mold Removal

Our mission is to offer the best possible pricing for mold remediation services in our local area.  We understand that if you have visible mold or are experiencing mold sickness, these are serious issues. If these issues are not addressed swiftly, they will indeed cause many more dangerous and costly problems. 

No matter how serious your mold problems are, we have you covered! Dangerous mold is most commonly found in your basement, attic, crawl space, and other areas that are susceptible to moldy conditions. 

We use only the best chemicals and products to remove the toxic mold from your home taking every necessary precaution against cross-contamination or further damage. In addition, we will treat your home with an efficient air purification system. 

DO NOT try to remove the mold yourself! It is very dangerous and needs to be done professionally. 

We Adhere to a Strict Process

Our mold removal process consists of five steps that will take place throughout your property. Our service areas include the basements, crawlspaces, attics, garages, and bathrooms.

  • Step 1 – Protection: Containment & Negative Air Pressure
  • Step 2 – Scrubbing: Wire brush & HEPA vacuum
  • Step 3 – Killing: Spray an EPA certified disinfectant biocide
  • Step 4 – Prevention: Apply an EPA certified anti-microbial paint encapsulate
  • Step 5 – Deodorize: Fog with an EPA certified deodorizer

We have estimators and emergency crews standing by ready to help with your toxic mold removal needs in New Jersey. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate. We offer free estimates for homeowners, warranties on every job, and financing if needed. 

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