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Fact: Cracks, gaps and leaks in your foundation can make your home unsafe, cause sinking, or destroy your home altogether.

Solution: Restore your home’s original structural integrity, making it safe again for your family.




In the Eastern PA / New Jersey / Delaware region, most homes are built on several soil layers. Hazardous foundation settlement happens when one of these layers of soil stop supporting the weight of the home. This type of foundation settlement, or sinking, can have dangerous consequences for the homeowner.


Cracks and gaps, no matter how large or small, provide a perfect channel for water to enter. Water can enter multiple ways, too – from rain, to melting snow and high humidity levels. Once water enters your foundation, it can begin deteriorating the structural integrity of it very quickly. And there’s another problem: those cracks and gaps grow larger as water flows through. So even the smallest crack or gap can lead to major foundation and structural repair problems.



Indications of Structural Damage

  • Cracks in concrete or drywall
  • Cracks or gaps around doors and windows
  • Leaks in basement or crawl space
  • A chimney that leans or tilts
  • Windows and doors that jam or stick




It begins with a 100% free estimate. We will come to inspect your home at a time that is convenient for you. We inspect during the weekdays and weekends, daytime and evening. We will conduct a complete and thorough evaluation of your home, inside and out. We’ll find and identify any cracks, gaps or leaks – even ones that you wouldn’t be able to detect easily. We will then make our recommendations to you in a straightforward, affordable estimate. We don’t pressure you – the choice to how you best protect your home is yours. And should you decide to work with us, you can rest assured that all of our work is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



If You Have Cracks Running Horizontally on Your Foundation:

  • We install super-strong carbon fiber straps to keep your foundation wall from bowing.
  • These carbon fiber straps are up to 12 inches wide and are laid about 4 feet apart along your wall.
  • These carbon fiber straps also get installed from the top to the bottom of your wall.
  • We then coat the straps with an epoxy which creates a bond as strong as steel.

If You Have Cracks Running Horizontally on Your Cinder Block Foundation:

  • We install wall pins inside your wall to keep your foundation wall from bowing.
  • These wall pins are reinforced with rebar rods and are laid about 4 feet apart along your wall.
  • These wall pins are filled solid with concrete and also get installed from the top to the bottom of your wall.
  • We then trowel over the open pockets with a fortified cement mixture.

If You Have Cracks Running Vertically on Your Foundation:

  • We apply carbon fiber stitching along all the cracks in your foundation wall.
  • This carbon fiber stitching is 3 inches wide and extra durable.
  • We coat the stitching with an epoxy, which prevents the cracks from expanding or getting larger.



Structural Repair Methods
We are licensed, insured, and certified to perform structural repairs. We fix small to big problems and are more experts at even the biggest jobs such as rebuilding entire foundations. We fix all foundations such as brick, stone, cinder block, and poured concrete. All of our equipment is commercial standard from dump trucks, excavators, and temporary steel supports and jacks.

  • Basements Love Us structural technicians are trained and certified. On our staff we have licensed architects and structural engineers who help plan and draw up job scopes according to code.
  • All structural work should always be up to code and both the property owner and contractor should always obtain proper permits to do the work. Beware of companies who tell you otherwise!



Choose a method below to learn more:


Basement ConversionWe are 100% certified in structural repairs. We have the knowledge and ability to convert a crawl space into a basement. Every homeowner always needs extra living/storage space! We can actually take a 3-4 ft crawl space and turn it into a 7-8 ft high basement! In doing a basement conversion we have to take many precautionary measures, including:

  • Observe current conditions of foundation and footing.
  • We actually start our digging process about a foot or so away from the perimeter (this step stops the current foundation from collapsing).
  • When digging is done we install new perimeter footing in front of the 1 ft wide dirt wall we left.
  • We then rebuild new foundation wall in front of dirt wall we left all the way up to the bottom of old existing wall.
  • Next, we lay a coat of concrete over top of the dirt we left which connects the top of our new wall to the bottom of the existing wall.
  • Last, we lay the bottom new concrete floor slab and you have a new basement!
  • For smaller areas where you don’t want to lose usable space an additional process would be to underpin your current foundation.




We can either install bilco door entrances or walk out entrances. We can customize any exterior entrance with any type of finish such as stucco, brick face, or stone face. Our bilco doors come in a variety of different colors. We install concrete steps or wood steps. The interior door at the bottom of the staircase can be almost any material including steel, solid wood, or even a set of french doors.
We are also certified and able to install Egress window systems.

  • Egress windows can give a unique look to your basement. These days, Egress windows are actually required if you wish to have your basement converted into a living space that has a bedroom or bathroom. The purpose is to be able to use the Egress windows as a fire escape.
  • We offer a variety of different window wells from different colors and textures such as stone look or a brick look.
  • All of our windows are heavily insulated and energy efficient.
  • Egress window installation is best done by a company with solid structural knowledge. The process involves cutting a hole in the wall of the foundation, and it’s hugely important to not jeopardize the structural integrity of your home. We are structural and architectural experts.
  • When cutting holes in foundations, it is a must to always install steel or concrete headers which provide support above the opening. These make up for the concrete or block support that was removed in order to install the unit.





All Basements Love Us technicians are in-house, not outside subcontractors! Plus, we are licensed, certified, and fully insured in PA, NJ, & DE to perform structural and foundation evaluations and repairs. This means that when you call us to inspect your home, you are calling the best experts in the region.

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Structural Repair Services

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Steven Friske

"First of all, my wife and I were very impressed by the salesperson. He spent nearly 3 hours with us, explaining in detail how he would resolve the dampness, leaks, and mold issues we were having in our basement. We decided to go ahead with the work, and they did an excellent job, completed all work in one day (my basement is appx 27' by 23'). They had to jackhammer a trench all the way around my basement, carry out the debris, then carry down all the sand, gravel, cement. They also removed all the old tile on my floor, and old rotted panelling of some of the walls. They were very thorough in their cleanup, no debris left behind, also took away all the old tile and wood they ripped out. Its been over 3 weeks, and my basement no longer smells musty, all mold is gone, walls seem to be drying out nicely, almost ready for me to paint. I would strongly recommend Basements Love Us if you are considering having your basement waterproofed."

Steven Friske, Manasquan, New Jersey

Dr. Norman Kohn

"In the fall of 2013 we had an unusual amount of rain in our area. Although I had been in this house for 10 years I had never had a problem with flooding in my basement, but in the latter part of last year (2013) I noticed puddles of water appearing in various parts of my basement. In addition, greenish mold was appearing on the insulation material, the wood trim, and the furniture. I remembered that a neighbor of mine, 2 doors away, had had a similar problem and had employed the company called BASEMENTS LOVE US in Palmyra NJ to resolve his problem. He enthusiastically recommended them to me. I called the company and made an appointment for a review of my problem. They promptly responded and within 2 days after I signed the contract, the work of waterproofing was completed. The workers were highly polite, neat, and skilled with regard to my problem. Subsequently, the same company repaired 2 cracks in the foundation wall of my basement. It appears I have had no further problems with water in my basement and there is no mold appearing. I anticipate that this happy outcome will continue as they have backed up their work with a lifetime warrantee regarding the waterproofing. In conclusion, I have been quite pleased with the work this company has done and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing basement waterproofing."

Dr. Norman Kohn, Voorhees, New Jersey

Richard Gordon

"I would like to thank you for helping my mother with her basement problems. She is extremely pleased with the results. Your workers were extremely professional and accommodating and went out of their way to please her. Your staff even gave her extra solution for mold in case she needed it in the future. In waterproofing the basement a major structural problem was discovered which resulted from Hurricane Sandy. The entire footing was completely washed out and undermined along the wall that divides the basement from the crawlspace. She had no idea the problem existed. Discovering the problem in time saved the house from a possible cave in. She was also very pleased with the pricing. She found your estimates to be very competitive with the estimates of other contractors in the her area. Also, my mother checks out contractors before she chooses them. An inquiry was made to see if customers filed claims against your company. The company checked out with no claims being filed against it. Thus, she knew in advance that your previous customers were satisfied; therefore, she would be satisfied."

Richard Gordon, Belmar, New Jersey

Lynne Raboy

"Dear Basements Love Us, I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the work you performed. I could not have asked for a more honest, sincere or nicer person than Shawn! You will get all my future business. Thank you!"

Lynne Raboy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania