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Basement Lowering/Underpinning

Basement ConversionWe are 100% certified in structural repairs. We have the knowledge and ability to convert a crawl space into a basement. Every homeowner always needs extra living/storage space! We can actually take a 3-4 ft crawl space and turn it into a 7-8 ft high basement! In doing a basement conversion we have to take many precautionary measures, including:

  • Observe current conditions of foundation and footing.
  • We actually start our digging process about a foot or so away from the perimeter (this step stops the current foundation from collapsing).
  • When digging is done we install new perimeter footing in front of the 1 ft wide dirt wall we left.
  • We then rebuild a new foundation wall in front of the dirt wall we left all the way up to the bottom of the old existing wall.
  • Next, we lay a coat of concrete over top of the dirt we left which connects the top of our new wall to the bottom of the existing wall.
  • Last, we lay the bottom new concrete floor slab and you have a new basement!
  • For smaller areas where you don’t want to lose usable space an additional process would be to underpin your current foundation.


All Basements Love Us technicians are in-house. Plus, we are licensed, certified, and fully insured in PA, NJ, & DE to perform structural and foundation evaluations and repairs. This means that when you call us to inspect your home, you are calling the best experts in the region.

Basement Lowering