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Fact: Unprotected basements are at risk of costly foundation damage.

Solution: Waterproof your basement for protection against leaks, floods, mold and foundation damage.






Basement waterproofing by Basements Love Us can be done easily and economically. In addition to protecting your entire house from moisture damage, basement waterproofing adds tremendous value to your home.

All basement waterproofing customers from Basements Love Us receive a LIFETIME Fully Transferable Warranty for interior waterproofing, and a 10 Year Warranty for exterior waterproofing.

Basements Love Us is fully equipped to handle all your basement waterproofing needs in the Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware area. Our certified technicians use the latest technologies and verified techniques to immediately identify, contain, and solve your basement water issues.



All houses have something called a water table below their foundation. When it rains, the ground becomes over saturated and the water expands the soil causing the water table under your house to rise. This rise forces pressure on your foundation.

Sooner or later, water will seep into your basement. This water remains inside the basement, which provides a breeding ground for dangerous mold and mildew. Ever smelled that musty smell in your basement? The smell is due to mold and mildew caused by moisture.



1. Through floor, wall & mortar joints
2. Through floor seam and cracks from hydrostatic pressure
3. Through wall cracks from “bleeding” and “sweating” of walls




  • Basements Love Us will conduct a 100% free estimate for the homeowner to diagnose the problem. We will evaluate the leak, moisture or damage problem and accurately recommend the best way to solve it.
  • We will then identify all water leaks in your basement foundation and eliminate them, keeping your basement protected for the future.
  • Last, we will restore your basement to a clean, dry, beautiful new space that is safe and comfortable for your family to use.




A Basements Love Us waterproofing system will allow water to flow out of your basement, preventing the buildup of stagnant water and eliminating the risk of mold. Our smart systems manage water flow at a steady, even pace, and prevent moisture from damaging your home. We’ll keep your basement dry and free of mold and mildew.

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Ways Water Enters Basement

  • Through floor, wall & mortar joints
  • Through floor seam and cracks from hydrostatic pressure
  • Through wall cracks from “bleeding” and “sweating” of walls
  • Clogged Drains

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Kenneth Bruce

"Ryan and his crew worked efficiently and completed the job in the one day as promised. The jackhammering was noisy but necessary. All three members of the team were courteous and polite. Ryan showed me exactly what Tom Kelly had shown me on his demonstration video. Ryan and crew were very conscientious in their clear up."

Kenneth Bruce, Jackson, New Jersey
Services Performed: Waterproofed a section of the basement.

Lisa Kelly

"We have had water leaking from the brick walls and floors in our basement for years. The salesman was very helpful in explaing what the problems were in our basement and gave us a very fair price for the amount of working being completed. While the crew was a little late showing up they more then made up for it in their work habits. They were very respectful to us and all of our things, as they had to move in and out of the house often to complete the work. They treated a mold problem and did a wonderful job on the installation of the sump pump and concrete floor which is the entire perimitter of the basement. The crew cleaned up everything when the job was completed! The installation looks great... I will review again after the first couple of rainstorms. Very happy so far!"

Lisa Kelly, Holland, Pennsylvania
Services Performed: Install sump pump in basement, treated walls and ceiling for mold and brick for acid buildup.

Susan Abulhawa

"I live in a flood zone and despite repeated heavy rains and some flooding in the neighborhood, my basement remained dry enough that it is now a living space. I had some issues pertaining to the basement bathroom - namely, the sink wasn’t reinstalled when they put in the drainage system. They came out promptly to fix the problem and were very responsive and profession the entire time. I would certainly recommend them and if I ever move and need basement waterproofing, they will be the folks I call."

Susan Abulhawa, Yardley, Pennsylvania
Services Performed: Waterproofed basement by installing an interior french drain with a sump pump and backup battery.

Sarah Edwards

"We had a water management system installed in our crawlspace and overall the experience went very well. Dan Gura our estimator was very informative and helpful. He also responded very promptly and easy to get along with which makes getting a service done much more comfortable. I am very glad I used Basements Love Us to fix our crawlspace which had flooding issues. I would recommend them to anyone who has these water proofing needs."

Sarah Edwards, Mullica Hill, New Jersey
Services Performed: Installed water management system.

Andrew Beynon

"Basements Love Us had a team lower our basement floor by 3". Installed a drainage system in our basement. Rough casted over our basement walls after sealing the walls with plastic sheeting. Removed and rebuilt stairs leading to the first floor from the basement. The job went very well. The basement is roughly 80 years old The team that did this physical work, were all very nice and hard working. Prior to starting the job, Basements Love Us really worked with us on pricing and stood apart from the competition in that regard. Our job was around Christmas and New Years and the team only took limited time off, which we appreciated. Overall they did a solid job fixing the basement. Basements Love Us could improve upon their communication practices after the job begins. The stairs that were removed (by my request) were replaced, and while the new stairs are functional they seem like they could have been planned and executed better. I am happy with the state they left my basement in. They fixed the water issues right before our local horrible winter of 2013-2014. I am confident the water drainage system is secretly working hard and well keeping my basement dry. I would recommend Basements Love Us to neighbors and people looking to be proactive about keeping your basement dry."

Andrew Beynon, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

Dr. Norman Kohn

"In the fall of 2013 we had an unusual amount of rain in our area. Although I had been in this house for 10 years I had never had a problem with flooding in my basement, but in the latter part of last year (2013) I noticed puddles of water appearing in various parts of my basement. In addition, greenish mold was appearing on the insulation material, the wood trim, and the furniture. I remembered that a neighbor of mine, 2 doors away, had had a similar problem and had employed the company called BASEMENTS LOVE US in Palmyra NJ to resolve his problem. He enthusiastically recommended them to me. I called the company and made an appointment for a review of my problem. They promptly responded and within 2 days after I signed the contract, the work of waterproofing was completed. The workers were highly polite, neat, and skilled with regard to my problem. Subsequently, the same company repaired 2 cracks in the foundation wall of my basement. It appears I have had no further problems with water in my basement and there is no mold appearing. I anticipate that this happy outcome will continue as they have backed up their work with a lifetime warrantee regarding the waterproofing. In conclusion, I have been quite pleased with the work this company has done and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing basement waterproofing."

Dr. Norman Kohn, Voorhees, New Jersey

Caryn Berman

"Dan and his crew were punctual and did everything according to contract. At the completion of the job they walked us through to make sure that we were satisfied. I would recommend them to anyone who needs waterproofing work done."

Caryn Berman, Monmouth Beach, New Jersey

John Murray

"The job took two days and involved significant work to prepare the site, including demolition of paneling and removal of a number of shelves in our mud room. They trenched out about 60 feet of cement flooring and installed the necessary tubing, protection, crushed stone for filtration and cemented the trench again. They also installed a sump pump and a back-up sump pump and included a clean out valve and a freeze stop for external discharge. They installed a flow well system to insure that the water would drain away from the house. They also did mold remediation. Courteous workmen who left the place in neat order. They answered all of our questions."

John Murray, Radnor, Pennsylvania

Richard Caldwell

"I was very impressed by the service. The two individuals who came to do the service did an incredible job: and one of these individuals told me that it was one of the more challenging jobs he had because there were so many crevices / things that he had to maneuver around in order to complete the wire brushing. One of the reasons that I would recommend them is that, after having completing the work, I called them about a leak in a pipe in the basement around where the workers had been working. I think that most providers would have simply said, 'oh, that wasn't caused by us...', Basements R Us came out without question, replaced that part of the pipe, and did so without charge. So, I am very happy customer and would recommend them to someone looking for these services."

Richard Caldwell, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Robert Elias

"They are the best. Came right away and rescued us from the damage done by Sandy."

Robert Elias, Ventnor City, New Jersey

Terry Mekosh

"I would recommend Basements Love Us to everyone who needs basement waterproofing. I called Basements Love Us out of desperation after hurricane Sandy in October 2012. I found them online searching for waterproofing companies. I had another contractor work on my basement waterproofing problem in January,10 months earlier. The job was not finished properly and I had water come in where it was supposed to be fixed. Dan was the 1st point of contact, he called me back right away and come out that same day to access my flooding problems. Since I was burned already I was so scared to have someone else come in and do the job a 2nd time. Dan was extremely empathetic to my situation. I was a basket case to say the least. Dan took his time to give me the cost and explained what they would do for me and guarantee the work!!!!! It was the best news for me to have a guarantee on the work performed, since that wasn't the case from the 1st company. Everyone from Dan to the entire crew who worked on my basement were very professional and cared about what they were doing. I was fascinated by the process, so periodically I would drop in to ask questions about the work. The workers would answer any questions I had and continue working very hard. They made sure my belongings were covered up and door into my living space was covered so the dust would not create a problem for me. When the crew left I was also impressed they cleaned up after themselves and left nothing behind. It's just about a year since the work was completed and I am so happy and relieved every time it rains. I no longer need to worry about flooding in my basement. I Thank God for you and your team for saving me when I really needed help."

Terry Mekosh, Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Richard Gordon

"I would like to thank you for helping my mother with her basement problems. She is extremely pleased with the results. Your workers were extremely professional and accommodating and went out of their way to please her. Your staff even gave her extra solution for mold in case she needed it in the future. In waterproofing the basement a major structural problem was discovered which resulted from Hurricane Sandy. The entire footing was completely washed out and undermined along the wall that divides the basement from the crawlspace. She had no idea the problem existed. Discovering the problem in time saved the house from a possible cave in. She was also very pleased with the pricing. She found your estimates to be very competitive with the estimates of other contractors in the her area. Also, my mother checks out contractors before she chooses them. An inquiry was made to see if customers filed claims against your company. The company checked out with no claims being filed against it. Thus, she knew in advance that your previous customers were satisfied; therefore, she would be satisfied."

Richard Gordon, Belmar, New Jersey

Patsy Lehman

"Calling you was a breath of fresh air! You not only knew what to look for an what had to be done, but scheduled the work, completed it in two days and followed through on all of your promises. I could not believe how neat and clean my basement looked when your crew finished. I never thought it would get to that point as quickly and professionally as it did. I wish I could find other companies to work on my home that would follow through with promises and be treated as well as you and your installation crew did, they could not have been any more pleasant to have in my home. I would recommend you and your crew to anyone I could, please do not hesitate to give my name and phone number to anyone who wants a reference, anytime."

Patsy Lehman, Branchburg, New Jersey

Nate Parkyn

"Dealing with many different contractors and tradesmen in the past I was often left disappointed and wished I had done more homework selecting them. With Basements Love Us, from start to finish I was simply impressed by the quality of workmanship, the number of workers on the job and the overall affordability. The professionalism of the crew was amazing, each man had a job to do and they went right to it like a well-oiled machine - very impressive! They were polite, cleaned up everywhere including washing down the driveway. It’s not often I look back at a project and say “Wow”, but with Basements Love Us that’s all you can say! I will recommend them to anyone in need of these services."

Nate Parkyn, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania