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Steven Friske

"First of all, my wife and I were very impressed by the salesperson. He spent nearly 3 hours with us, explaining in detail how he would resolve the dampness, leaks, and mold issues we were having in our basement. We decided to go ahead with the work, and they did an excellent job, completed all work in one day (my basement is appx 27' by 23'). They had to jackhammer a trench all the way around my basement, carry out the debris, then carry down all the sand, gravel, cement. They also removed all the old tile on my floor, and old rotted panelling of some of the walls. They were very thorough in their cleanup, no debris left behind, also took away all the old tile and wood they ripped out. Its been over 3 weeks, and my basement no longer smells musty, all mold is gone, walls seem to be drying out nicely, almost ready for me to paint. I would strongly recommend Basements Love Us if you are considering having your basement waterproofed."

Steven Friske, Manasquan, New Jersey

Dr. Norman Kohn

"In the fall of 2013 we had an unusual amount of rain in our area. Although I had been in this house for 10 years I had never had a problem with flooding in my basement, but in the latter part of last year (2013) I noticed puddles of water appearing in various parts of my basement. In addition, greenish mold was appearing on the insulation material, the wood trim, and the furniture. I remembered that a neighbor of mine, 2 doors away, had had a similar problem and had employed the company called BASEMENTS LOVE US in Palmyra NJ to resolve his problem. He enthusiastically recommended them to me. I called the company and made an appointment for a review of my problem. They promptly responded and within 2 days after I signed the contract, the work of waterproofing was completed. The workers were highly polite, neat, and skilled with regard to my problem. Subsequently, the same company repaired 2 cracks in the foundation wall of my basement. It appears I have had no further problems with water in my basement and there is no mold appearing. I anticipate that this happy outcome will continue as they have backed up their work with a lifetime warrantee regarding the waterproofing. In conclusion, I have been quite pleased with the work this company has done and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing basement waterproofing."

Dr. Norman Kohn, Voorhees, New Jersey

Richard Gordon

"I would like to thank you for helping my mother with her basement problems. She is extremely pleased with the results. Your workers were extremely professional and accommodating and went out of their way to please her. Your staff even gave her extra solution for mold in case she needed it in the future. In waterproofing the basement a major structural problem was discovered which resulted from Hurricane Sandy. The entire footing was completely washed out and undermined along the wall that divides the basement from the crawlspace. She had no idea the problem existed. Discovering the problem in time saved the house from a possible cave in. She was also very pleased with the pricing. She found your estimates to be very competitive with the estimates of other contractors in the her area. Also, my mother checks out contractors before she chooses them. An inquiry was made to see if customers filed claims against your company. The company checked out with no claims being filed against it. Thus, she knew in advance that your previous customers were satisfied; therefore, she would be satisfied."

Richard Gordon, Belmar, New Jersey

Lynne Raboy

"Dear Basements Love Us, I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the work you performed. I could not have asked for a more honest, sincere or nicer person than Shawn! You will get all my future business. Thank you!"

Lynne Raboy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania