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At Basements Love Us, we take pride in being experts in our field, but also offering more complementing services to make sure that our customers have every available option for us to get their property the way they want it and it needs to be.  We help our customers with waterproofing, mold removal, structural repair, mold & water restoration, repair & remodeling services. 

Let’s face it, if your home contentedly has water entering your through the walls and settling through your basement, you have serious problems. Water creeping into your home from cracks or holes can cause more damage than you think. The water will not only cause damage to your basement whether it is finished or not finished, but it will also cause structural damage, and could cause dangerous mold to form. That is why we offer all of these services together. 

We can waterproof your home and basement, fix any structural and foundation problems, and remove any potential mold problems. Once the work is done, we can fix any esthetic damage to your property that was caused. 

We do both reactive work and proactive work: (examples)

Reactive – If your home takes in water and needs to be waterproofed and cleaned.

Proactive – You want to get your basement finished so you want to make sure it is waterproofed first. 

No matter what your situation and issue is, we can help!  We offer free estimates, warranties, and financing for any job. We want to make your life easier and better once you contact us for your job. We’ll come to your home, go over all of your options and explain your problems, schedule your job very quickly, and get the work done fast and correctly!

Contact us today with any questions or to set up your free estimate. 


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