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Crawl Space Repairs & Crawl Space Encapsulation

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The most common crawl space problems include mold, leaks, dampness, musty, smelly, structural damage, poor ventilation, and more. We are crawl space repair, remediation, and encapsulation experts. We have seen and fixed it all. It may be scary to you, but we can handle it!


Is Your Crawl Space Damaged, Leaking, Wet, Musty, or Moldy?

Because crawl spaces do not get the sunlight or airflow that the rest of your home does, it creates a great environment for mold and other issues to flourish. Crawl space encapsulation is the answer! De-humidify, seal, and keep your crawl space dry for the lifelong protection and safety of your home.

Crawl space encapsulation

Consider This:

When is the last time you were in your crawl space? Was it a pleasant experience? Usually not. That’s because crawl spaces trap moisture under your home. And because crawl spaces don’t get regular sunlight or airflow, it’s a perfect place for mold to grow. Since 50% of the air you and your family breathes comes directly from your crawl space, it can be a real health hazard.


Moisture in Your Crawl Space Can Cause:

  • Health issues, especially respiratory
  • Damage to wood and structural beams
  • Pest & rodent infestation
  • House-wide allergens and airborne bacteria
  • Increased heating and air costs
  • Damp and musty odors throughout the house
Moisture in Your Crawl

You may need more than encapsulation. In either case, your crawl space can get hit with many serious issues that can compromise your home:

Structural & Foundation Problems

Wood Rotting

Cracked, Bowed, Crumbling Walls

Leaks From Storms

Mold Problems

Dampness, Wet Walls, Stagnant Water

Electrical Problems

Poor Ventilation

Crawl Space Repairs
Crawl Space Repairs

Each one of these issues complements each other and can amount to more issues if not addressed. That is why it is important to get crawl space issues fixed quickly.  In addition, to crawl space repairs, we are a certified crawl space encapsulation specialist. We install amazing crawl space vapor barriers that will seal your crawl space, keeping the area dry and properly insulated.  



All Basements Love Us technicians are in-house, not outside subcontractors! Plus, we are licensed, certified, and fully insured in PA, NJ, & DE to perform structural and foundation evaluations and repairs. This means that when you call us to inspect your home, you are calling the best experts in the region.