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Steven Friske

"First of all, my wife and I were very impressed by the salesperson. He spent nearly 3 hours with us, explaining in detail how he would resolve the dampness, leaks, and mold issues we were having in our basement. We decided to go ahead with the work, and they did an excellent job, completed all work in one day (my basement is appx 27' by 23'). They had to jackhammer a trench all the way around my basement, carry out the debris, then carry down all the sand, gravel, cement. They also removed all the old tile on my floor, and old rotted panelling of some of the walls. They were very thorough in their cleanup, no debris left behind, also took away all the old tile and wood they ripped out. Its been over 3 weeks, and my basement no longer smells musty, all mold is gone, walls seem to be drying out nicely, almost ready for me to paint. I would strongly recommend Basements Love Us if you are considering having your basement waterproofed."

Steven Friske, Manasquan, New Jersey

Barbara Zoratti

"We met with the company rep at the Philadelphia Home Show, and discussed our mold problem in our basement. Within 2 days, Shane, one of the family members, came out to investigate. He did a very thorough exam, then sat with my husband and me, and in great detail, explained exactly what he found, and what would need to be done to correct the problem. Since it was the only estimate we had gotten, I wanted to be sure they were a reputable company, so I had a friend look them up on Angie's List. The reviews were all very complimentary, and so I decided to just go ahead and have them do the work. The crew showed up on time, as scheduled, and got right to work. The only downside was that the outside temp was in the single digits, and in order for them to work, we had to turn our heat off, and keep the front door open, which was not fun! However, the team worked very hard, and completed the job in a timely manner, and when I went to examine the work they did, I was very impressed with the quality of the workmanship. We even received a certificate to indicate the work had been completed, which is very important to us, as we are planning to sell our home in the next 12-18 months, and in addition, have a new granddaughter, who will certainly be visiting us, and we have peace of mind knowing she will be safe in our home. All in all, it was a good experience, and I would certainly recommend this company in the future."

Barbara Zoratti, Hamilton Square, New Jersey
Services Performed: Mold remediation.

Sue Jovanov

"When the estimator/salesman Dan Gura called to set up an appointment, he was very courteous and willing to work around our schedules. He showed up exactly when he said he was, very prompt and very professional. Explained everything in detail, I was also having 2 more estimates but decided to go with Basements Love Us because they were the only ones who discussed treating the possible mold. Actually, their pricing was better but that wasn't the main reason we went with them. The time comes for the workers to show up again on time, worked as hard as I have ever seen anyone work, again very professional, explained the pumps etc to me. They cleaned up the inside of the basement and also the outside . All of this work only took one day Very pleased with the cleanup, etc. Dan followed up and even came back to the house to see the job and answer all of our questions. We are actually going to have our garage waterproofed at a later date and will have Basements Love us perform the job. As you can see I only have positive comments!"

Sue Jovanov, Springfield, Pennsylvania

Arthur Jenkins

"They provided remediation of the mold that began to spread in the basement and they waterproofed the basement as well. I had a good feeling that things would go well for this job when the workers arrived a half hour early. I've seen plenty of workers arrive well after a scheduled time but this was the first time I ever saw workers arrive early. They were extremely courteous and provided me with a visual overview of what they'd be doing before they even started anything. It's the small yet significant steps like that that demonstrate a true appreciation for the customer's satisfaction. They were focused and systematic in their work and upon completion, they conducted a walk through of my basement with me to ensure they had met all standards. I would have to say that Basements Love Us exceeded all standards and I would use them again for any additional work I might need. Their professionalism is matched only by their friendliness; a rare combination these days."

Arthur Jenkins, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Gloria Gura

"Three levels of my condo were affected by water damage. Basements Love Us came in a timely fashion. They cut out the dry wall. They treated the areas affected by mold. They performed mold tests afterwards. They were efficient and impeccable, leaving everything immaculate when the job was completed. They were polite as well. I would recommend them for their mold remediation services."

Gloria Gura, Rockaway, New Jersey