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Water Damage Services & Waterproofing Services in New Jersey

In New Jersey we have gotten a ton of rain so far this summer, the biggest problem this presents is when the rain comes done fast and hard. When it rains this way, drainage, sewage, and home structures can not keep up with that amount of rain coming down that fast. 

When this happens the water penetrates your home and can flood your basement very quickly. The water will find the path of least resistance into your home. Water can enter your home through cracks in walls and floor, from the buildup of dam walls, and from compromised foundations. 

Basement Waterproofing in New Jersey
Don’t get ripped off! Hire the right waterproofing company! 

This is where hiring the right waterproofing company to do your waterproofing in New Jersey is vital! They must have the knowledge to not only stop the water from entering your home but understand how to make it never happen again. This can require exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing, or both! 

Why Basements Love Us

At Basements Love Us we are a full-service water damage and basement waterproofing company servicing New Jersey. Our services include:

Water pump outs

Water removal

Water cleanup

Basement waterproofing

Structural repair

Water damage repairs

Mold removal

and more…

At Basements Love Us we are fully insured, we offer warranties and financing for our jobs. 

Water damage restoration and basement waterproofing are extremely important to save the integrity of your home. Once water enters your home it must be addressed immediately to avoid further and more extensive damage. Do not waste any more time! Contact us today for your free estimate on your water damage and basement waterproofing in New Jersey.


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